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I am obsessed with fashion. I am a typical girly girl who allows my clothes to express how I’m feeling at the moment. As a little girl, I was excited to pick up the Sunday newspaper and find the fashion section featuring the latest designs. I would get out my pen and paper and draw the designs, changing them to be flamboyant or more elegant. I had my own sense of style, even back then. When I got married, I spent four months co-designing my wedding dresses. Yes! I wore three dresses on my wedding day, each one unique. My guests loved picking their favorite. I was partial to the first one I wore, my best friend loved the second and my husband loved the third one.

I am a foodie. I love to try my hand at a new recipe. I have lived in different areas of this country and I’ve experienced a broad array of cultures around the globe. Whether I’m at home or travelling, I never shy away from a new delicacy. I enjoy restaurants with an exotic menu.

I love to travel with my wonderful husband Brian. Hiking, running, skiing, hanging out with friends or just being out there exploring the wonders of the world—this is how I experience life.

I want to share my love of fashion trends and let you know where to shop for them.I will be posting links so you can source everything I’m wearing in the pictures I share. I also look forward to sharing some of my original designs in the hope that I can count on you for your opinions and suggestions.

I love restaurant hopping. I want to share cool places to eat and let you know the specialties of some of my favorite restaurants.

And I want to share experiences from my extensive travels. Perhaps I can encourage you to visit a place that you would otherwise have overlooked.

In all that I share, I’m hoping to inspire you with positive vibes, passion and of course, love. I hope you’ll take this journey with me!


Meet Meileilan

My goal is to inspire others to believe in themselves, to be comfortable with what and who they are, express their own uniqueness, and to motivate people to go out and do things outside of their comfort zone. I would love to connect with you!


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